About KW Pressure Testing - Your Testing Partner

KW Pressure Testing

We are a dedicated partner to the global oil & gas, subsea, oceanographic, material science and energy markets. We provide high quality, flexible, independent pressure testing services and support.

• Qualification and Type Approval Testing (TAT)
• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
• Research and Development Testing
• Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers

KW Designed Solutions

Our sister company, KW Designed Solutions, has been supporting industry and research facilities in the Subsea Engineering, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Scientific and Materials Research sectors, designing and manufacturing special purpose pressure vessels, pressure testing equipment and pressure control systems since 2004.

• A Leading Supplier to International Offshore and Energy Markets.
• Proven Expertise Manufacturing & Servicing Pressure Testing Platforms.
• Extensive Portfolio Featuring Innovative Pressure Testing Technologies.

For any enquiries about testing your equipment at our facilities, including availability and quotes, please don’t hesitate to contact Henry Currie on +44 (0)7935 220479 or email henry.currie@kwpressuretesting.co.uk