Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber Capabilities

Temperature: -70°C to +450°C
Internal Size: 2m wide x 3m deep x 2m high (adaptable for taller components)
Weight Capacity: 3,000 kg
Gas: Up to 22,500 psi
Hydrostatic: Up to 40,000 psi
Through Ports: Temperature and Hydraulic through porting

Data Logging

A data logger captures the Pressure Control Systems and test products, temperature and pressure measurements. This enables the operator to define sampling and logging parameters, signal scaling and display captured data in numeric / graphical format. Test data is stored to a nominated file for recording purposes and can be exported for use with other applications e.g. spreadsheets or to be printed.

• Input of Batch Set-Up Information
• Data Measurements
• Trend Data
• Capture Data
• Store Data
• Print Reports


PR2 API 6A Testing in line with customer specifications and International Standards.

Environmental Testing Facilities