Gas Testing

Gas Testing Capabilities

• Automated Pressure Control: 10,000 psi
• Manual Pressure Control: 22,500 psi
• Leak Test Mode
• Depressurisation: (Venting)
• Cyclic Pressure Loops
• Profile Writing
• Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
• Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition
• Engineering System and Tolerance Set Up
• Alarm Conditions and Diagnostic Review

The parameters below may vary dependent on test component volume.

Maximum Operating: 1,550 bar (22,500 psi)
Pressurisation Control Rates: linear between 1 and 30 bar/min
Pressurisation Ramp Tolerance: to be maintained within +/- 10% (of full scale)
Depressurisation Control Rates: Linear between 1 and 50 bar/min
Depressurisation Ramp Tolerance: To be maintained within +/- 10% (full scale)
Dwell Period: 1 minute to 3 months
Dwell Period Pressure Stability: 0 (zero) bar to +5 bar

Data Logging

• Input of Batch Set-Up Information
• Data Measurements
• Trend Data
• Capture Data
• Store Data
• Print Reports

Pressure Testing Applications

Effectively simulating subsea conditions to ensure the integrity and reliability of Seals, Connectors, Heat Exchangers, subsea technology and components, for FAT or research and development.

Gas Testing Facilities