Gas Testing

Gas Testing Overview

Gas Testing is the most common method used by OEM companies. Enabling the verification of subsea components and equipment (destined for deepwater environments and beyond), as part of a FAT (factory acceptance testing), qualification, or product development.

At our dedicated facility, based at our Head Office in Chorley, we operate purpose-built, state-of-the-art Gas Testing equipment. It has the capacity to test at pressures of up to 1551 bar or 22,500 psi.

Gas Testing subjects the internal workings of a component / assembly to elevated pressure conditions. To ensure our test engineers’ safety, components are generally located within a specifically built Test Pit.

Our purpose-built, in-house, concrete reinforced, Test Pit can provide manual or automated control. The innovative equipment can accommodate almost any test profile within the equipment parameter range.

Our fully automatic pressure control and data logging system operates pressures of up to 10,000 psi. Whilst our manually operated pressure control and data logging system operates pressures up to 22,500 psi.