Hyperbaric Testing

Hyperbaric Testing Overview

Hyperbaric Chambers are used to extensively test products, that are required to operate at pressure levels higher than atmospheric conditions. This is an indispensable form of rigorous testing for companies, who service or design products for the offshore and subsea industries and other extreme high-pressure applications, where nothing can be left to chance.

Hyperbaric testing uses specialist, thick-walled Hyperbaric Chambers to simulate extreme high-pressure environments and arduous subsea operating conditions. This ensures durability and reliability of test products and components before they’re deployed to their field of service and is also used to aid New Product Development (NPD) and for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

Fully automated control systems precisely control the pressurisation and depressurisation rate of the test media. This simulates lowering of components from sea level down to ocean depth; holding them at pressure for a required amount of time and then retrieving them back to surface. For every 10 metres below sea level, a water pressure of 1 bar is exerted.

The device under test (DUT) can be attached to the underside of the closure, secured in a basket or in the pressure vessel. It can hold a large piece of equipment or multiple smaller components at the same time. Full communication with the DUT can also be made via multiple pneumatic / hydraulic and electrical feed-through ports; dependant on specific requirements of each test cycle.

The pressure vessel’s fully automated pressure and temperature control systems enable us to customise the design of each test cycle, in-line with each customer’s specifications and detailed industry standards. We can also pre-define testing conditions to incorporate techniques such as pressure cycling, ramping and holding.

Integrated data logging modules record information being regulated and measured and deliver useable results data. As with all testing carried out at our facility, our customers receive full technical and engineering support; ensuring successful and accurate results are achieved and the highest standards of safety.

Pressure Testing Applications

Hyperbaric testing effectively simulates subsea conditions. This ensures the integrity and reliability of electrical connectors, transducers, umbilicals, hydraulic, subsea technology and components for FAT or R & D development.