IBL Testing

IBL Testing Overview

KW Pressure Testing provides Instrumented Buoyancy Loss (IBL) testing for OEM companies, who require the integrity of their buoyancy products and innovations validating. This ensures many subsea products, such as Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBM) and Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules (DRBM), will withstand extreme conditions.

Our Pressure Testing Control System can accommodate specific test arrangements, ensuring flexibility to individual project requirements. It is designed to qualify and test buoyancy components and assemblies, up to 500mm in diameter and to a service depth of 14,7000msw. Providing safe, secure and accurate test monitoring, with full reporting.

Our deep-water simulation test system undertakes three main test types, which are: Instrumented Buoyancy Loss (IBL), Simulated Service Tests (SST) and Hydrostatic Crush Pressure (HCP). These are designed to certify that products, that require API 16F type qualification, can operate in the most extreme environments.